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Paste your text to improve its style and sentence structure. Or write down your thoughts to turn them into a well-written text.

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Express your thoughts clearly

AiText rewrites sentences and improves phrasing to ensure that your text is easy to read and understand.


Reading through the document, it was evident that there were several important points, but the way it was written made it difficult to follow and comprehend the main ideas.


The document contained several important points, but its writing made it difficult to follow and understand the main ideas.

Set the right tone

Do you want to sound professional, friendly, or persuasive? Choose the tone that suits your needs best.


Hey team, we gotta make sure the report is done by tomorrow. Let's hurry up and get it finished.


Hello team, we need to ensure the report is completed by tomorrow. Please expedite the process and finish it promptly.

Specify the context

Are you writing an email, a message, or working on a document? Choose the context to get the most relevant result.


Hey, can you send me the files when you get a chance? Thanks!


Subject: Request for Files Dear [Colleague's Name], I hope this email finds you well. Could you please send me the files at your earliest convenience? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Best regards, [Your Name]