AI-powered writing assistant

Enhance the quality of texts, correct spelling and grammar errors, and generate new texts effortlessly.

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text enhancement

Communicate with clarity

AiText automatically enhances vocabulary and optimizes sentence structure, delivering crystal-clear texts every time.


grammar and spell check

Easily eliminate mistakes

Avoid the negative impression caused by typos and errors. Remove them from your text with just one tap.


text generation

Accelerate your writing

Let AiText take over the tedious work with its ability to swiftly craft tailored, high-quality emails, articles, reports, and more.


One application, endless possibilities

From persuasive messages to polished professional documents — use the app as you need.


Social media

Create attention-grabbing posts, craft witty comments, and compose engaging captions that make your online presence truly shine.



Express yourself with flair, transforming ordinary texts into memorable conversations.



Impress both colleagues and clients. Ensure your emails are polished and articulate, leaving a lasting impact in your professional communications.



Excel in your academic pursuits with ease. Whether it's essay writing, note-taking, or participating in online discussions, enhance your writing skills to thrive in your educational journey.


Professional Documents

Perfect your business proposals, reports, and presentations. Ensure your professional documents are not only error-free but also convey your ideas with clarity and professionalism.



Boost your marketing efforts with persuasive copywriting. Craft compelling and persuasive texts that attract more customers and drive business growth.

Loved by people around the globe


The app is absolutely amazing! I downloaded it this morning and gave it a try. I've already used it over 1,000 times! It has become my essential tool since I have dyslexia.


This tool is excellent and it helps me a lot to improve my sentences.


Every time I use AiText, I am impressed with the quality of the generated texts. It's essential for my daily work!


An assistant in my pocket. I’m using it on daily basis. Very useful as content creator. Highly recommend 🔥


This app is so amazing!!!


With AiText, my professional emails have never been so clear and concise. It's a real game-changer!


It works excellently! I installed it for an email I needed to send, and I am extremely satisfied!


The app is amazing, I highly recommend it to everyone!


AiText has completely changed the way I approach writing for my blog. It's like having a personal editor on standby 24/7!
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